International Chinese-speaking Conference

February 16 – February 18, 2018

If you have any question, please send email to [email protected]

Announcement 赴會須知 Before arrival

Meeting Schedule

Friday, February 16 Saturday, February 17 Lord’s Day, February 18
12:30 Admission 08:00 Admission 08:30 Admission
13:30~15:00 1st meeting 09:00~10:30 3rd meeting 09:30~11:00 5th meeting
15:00~15:30 Exhibition 10:30~11:00 Exhibition 11:00~11:30 Lord’s table meeting
15:30~17:00 2nd meeting 11:00~12:30 4th meeting 11:30~12:00 Exhibition

Register information

All saints attending the conference should be registered corporately by churches, regions, or countries. Application by individuals will not be accepted.

Hospitality arrangement will be made during the conference for February 15 through February 18 (four days and three nights). Church visitation trips will be arranged in two periods: Period One—February 12 through February 15 (four days and three nights); Period Two—February 18 through February 21 (four days and three nights). Those who arrive early or depart late should make their own arrangement for transportation from and to the airport and for lodging beyond the periods mentioned above.

Hospitality during the conference and church visitation arrangements will be available to believers only. Gospel candidates invited to the conference should make their own arrangement for lodging.

Each overseas registrant of the conference should submit a donation of $100 USD (which would cover hospitality during the conference). This donation is not refundable. Each registrant for the church visitation trip should submit a donation of $150 USD, which is not refundable.

There will be translation into English and other languages as needed. Those who need translation should bring their own FM radio, headset, and extra batteries.

Donate information

Donations should be made either online